Transportation system costing more than it need to?
Dominion Dedicated Logistics offers complete Dedicated Logistics Management Solutions (DLMS) services.  Our objective is to provide you with greater control over your transportation systems and costs while improving service to your customers and decreasing your liability.

The analysts at Dominion Dedicated Logistics will review your company’s transportation infrastructure, assess inefficiencies, and determine ways to improve both performance and utilization.  We can manage any and all aspects of your fleet, including dispatch, routing, and maintenance.  

Our analysts will consider the size and type of your fleet, delivery points, warehouse and terminal locations, routing, fuel economies, dispatching, payload, and back hauls, among others.  You will be surprised at how much money can be saved in your operations, which translates directly to your bottom line.


Customized Programs.
Dominion Dedicated Logistics custom-tailors transportation logistics programs to fit the exact needs and operations of our customers.  Our programs increase your efficiency and cut your transportation costs significantly.  By outsourcing your transportation logistics, you also successfully outsource the associated liabilities, which can save you millions of dollars.  All of our programs are geared to significantly reduce your transportation costs, and unlike a contract carrier, our mindset is to make your business as profitable and efficient as possible.  

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